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When it cannot fail. When it must be utterly reliable. When all eyes turn to you and your systems must be online and reliable. 7 x 24 x FOREVER.

KIMCAt Kirkland Mission Critical, we take our charter in the mission critical industry more serious than some specialized contractors. We had to. We have lived managing data centers and providing high availability / business control to users just as our clients have. That real world experience has forged our reputation in the mission critical construction field. We are not just bonders, we've been there, in the trenches, delivering 7 x 24 operations to users, without fail, with service level agreements in place, just as our clients have. Ask your mission critical vendor, how many data centers have "they" managed?

High availability building is in our DNA. Kirkland mission critical is part of the Kirkland family of companies. Kirkland, Inc. has been "Building the Good Ones" for over 35 years. Weaver Cooke has been in the sustainability field before it even became a mainstream building technique. Together, our family of companies has been building superlative structures for a combined 108 years. Its a legacy we're understandably proud of and one that allows us to capitalize on our mission critical-unique understanding in building facilities that are truly "always on."




square  Hayden McKenzie- Chairman and CEO of North State Communications

“We recommend Kirkland's Mission Critical Division without hesitation to anyone that is interested in deploying current infrastructure technology in today's challenging environment.”